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Welcome to the Dal Segno Records Website.

Dal Segno Records is an independent record label presenting classical recordings of the finest quality

The Dal Segno catalogue launched in 2003, focusing primarily on the preserved original piano roll recordings by some of the most celebrated composers from the Classical, Romantic and Contemporary eras at the keyboard. This piano roll collection features artists Debussy, Gershwin, Ravel, Paderewski, Hess, Mahler, Bartok and many more. Thanks to this piano roll recording method we can hear composers such as Debussy and Saint-Saëns playing the piano in perfect sound, nearly 100 years later!

Over the last few years, the Dal-Segno collection of CDs has grown rapidly and in 2008 saw the signing of sensational piainst, Wu Qian whose debut album reached great critical acclaim. The catalogue now features a selection of recordings from the 1980s, originally released by Denon which presents artists such as Andras Schiff, Jacques Rouvier and Herbert Blomstedt among others.

Imagine you could be spirited back to 1910 to the Paris apoartment in the Avenue du Bois de Boulogne where Debussy is playing over his first set of Preludes to a rapt audience of intimate friends. Or to the jazz age party in New York where Gershwin is jamming on tunes from his latest Broadway hit. If you close your eyes and let your imagination free, this is now possible with the aid of the recordings of the piano rolls from ‘The Condon Collection’." (BBC Music Magazine)

The original roll recordings were made between 1904 and 1935 for Ampico, Duo-Art and Welte Mignon who were manufacturers of the reproducing piano. The recordings in the ‘Masters of the Piano Roll’ series were made by a ‘push up’ device that can transcribe and ‘play’ the Piano Rolls onto any modern day piano thus enabling the performances of Debussy and Mahler in full digital sound, now made available on Dal Segno Records.

Les enregistrements originels furent faits de 1904 à 1935 pour Ampico, Duo-Art et Welte Mignon, qui étaient les confectionneurs de pianos mécaniques. La réalisation de la série des ‘Maîtres du Piano Mécanique’ est basée sur un procédé qui permet de transcrire et de jouer les rouleaux sur un piano moderne, rendant possible un enregistrement entièrement digital de performances de Debussy ou de Mahler.

Le registrazioni originali furono eseguite tra il 1904 e il 1935 per Ampico, Duo-Art e Welte Mignon, tutti produttori di reproducing piano. Le registrazioni della serie dei ‘Masters of the Piano Roll’ venivano trascritte attraverso un meccanismo a scatto che poi riusciva a “suonare” i rulli per piano su di un moderno pianoforte. Questo ci offre interpretazioni di Mahler e Debussy con un suono totalmente digitalizzato.
Die ursprünglichen Aufnahmen wurden zwischen 1904 und 1935 für Ampico, Duo-Art und Welte Mignon gemacht, die die Hersteller der Klavierrolle waren. Die Technologie stützt sich auf das Stanzen von Papierrollen, die ein spezielles Gerät lesen und dann auf einem modernen Piano die Werke von Debussy und Mahler mit hochwertigem digitalen Ton abspielen kann.
Las grabaciones originales han sido llevadas a cabo entre los años 1904 – 1935 por Ampico, Duo – Art y Welte Mignon, quienes fueron los creadores del piano reproductor. Las grabaciones de la serie, Master of the Piano Roll, han sido realizadas a través de un mecanismo “push up”, que permite transcribir y reproducir la música de los rollos en cualquier piano moderno, reproduciendo las piezas de Debussy y Mahler en sonido digital.