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The Palm Court Orchestra: Ragtime At The Ritz

Cat No:

Price: £9.99 (plus p+p)

Founded in Sydney in 1976, The Palm Court Orchestra is now one of the world's most successful ensembles and as concert artists have performed on the QE2, for H.M. Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles & Princess Anne and also at the reception of Elton John's wedding.

These unique compilations of recordings from 1977-1979 evoke the style and finesse of the wonderful Belle Epoque era from around 1910-1925.


Track List:

  1. All Dressed Up…Introducing
  2. Blaze Away
  3. Nights of Gladness
  4. Little Gadabout
  5. Whistling Rufus
  6. Sorrella
  7. Tambourines and Oranges
  8. Desert Sands
  9. Lady of the Lake
  10. Row, Row, Row
  11. My Sunurun Girl
  12. Robert E. Lee
  13. Me-Ow
  14. The Pineapple Rag
  15. Danube Waves
  16. Sir Henry's Barn Dance
  17. The Gabby Glide
  18. When The Midnight Choo Choo
  19. See Me Dance