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An Anthology of English Song

Cat No:

£7.99 (plus p+p)

Artists: Various

This is a wonderful collection of English song and folk song including Annabel Lee, Linden Lea, Blow the
Wind Southerly and Sea Fever recorded by some of the greatest British singers including Thomas Allen, Stuart Burrows and Valerie Masterson.

Track List

1. Annabelle Lee (Stuart Burrows)
2. Kashmiri Song (Stuart Burrows)
3. My Little Welsh Home (Stuart Burrows)
4. When Tou Come To The End of a Perfect Day (Valerie Masterson)
5. Now Sleeps The Crimson Petal (Valerie Masterson)
6. Bird Song st Eventide (Valerie Masterson)
7. Linden Lea (Thomas Allen)
8. Silent Worship (Thomas Allen)
9. Silent Noon (Thomas Allen)
10. Music for a While (Sarah Walker)
11. O Mistress Mine (Sarah Walker)
12. Blow the Wind Southerly (Sarah Walker)
13. To Mary (Peter Jeffes)
14. The Cherry Tree (Peter Jeffes)
15. Is She Not Passing Fair (Peter Jeffes)
16. The Vagabond (Raimund Herincx)
17. Sea Fever (Raimund Herincx)
18. Do Not Go My Love (Raimund Herincx)
19. Phillis on the New Made Hay (Patricia Wright)
20. The Tailor and his Mouse (Patricia Wright)
21. I Know my Love (Patricia Wright)
22. I Know Where I'm Going (Patricia Wright)
23. As I was goin' to Ballynure (Patricia Wright)