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Wu Qian: Schumann Prior Liszt

Cat No:

Price: £12.99 (plus p+p)

This is the much anticipated debut album by 24 year old pianist, Wu Qian released on Dal Segno in April 2009.

Read BBC Music Magazine's feature on Wu Qian - "Great Artists of Tomorrow..."


Track List:

  1. Schumann: Kreisleriana Ausserst Bewegt
  2. Schumann: Sehr Innig und nicht zu rasch
  3. Schumann: Sehr Aufgeregt
  4. Schumann: Sehr langsam
  5. Schumann: Sehr lebhaft
  6. Schumann: Sehr langsam
  7. Schumann: Sehr rasch
  8. Schumann: Schnell und spielend
  9. Prior: Svyagotor's Quest
  10. Liszt: Sonetto 104 del Petrarca
  11. Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No.12 in C# minor

CD Reviews:

‘"f this is any guide, she is certainly one to keep an eye on.... Her performances come from deep inside, an intuitive and completely honest approach that resonates with us because of her integrity as an artist. Lest I seem to be gushing, let me add fuel to the fire. This is one of the most spectacular readings of Kreisleriana that I have ever heard.’"

(Of the Hungarian Rhapsody) ‘Qian’s is as convincing and exciting as any I have heard. Add to this package some of the most vivid and spectacularly captured piano sound I have ever heard, and you have a highly digestible and eminently desirable release.’ Fanfare Magazine U.S. Dec 2009

“ The young Chinese virtuoso Wu Qian captures the violently opposing nature of Schumann’s manic depression perfectly here…”
The Observer 19.04.09

“The Chinese pianist starts her first recital disc with a confidently, unmannered reading of Schumann’s Kreisleriana.” The Times 02.05.09

“This, her first recording, shows huge promise. Qian responds to Shumann’s imagination in Kreisleriana with rare poise and an engaging spirit, drawing the listener in” BBC Music Magazine May 2009

“Yet another young female Chinese pianist of dazzling talent? The short answer is yes. The slightly longer answer is that she may prove to be the best yet.” International Piano Magazine May/June 2009

“A daunting task, in other words, for any pianist, but Wu Qian simply trusts to her instincts and the results are quite simply flawless.” (Of the Schumann Kreisleriana) International Piano Magazine May/June 2009

“Her fiery attack of Kreisleriana’s fugue and the work’s wraith-like ending are splendidly realised.” Gramophone Magazine September 2009