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The Great Russian Pianists: Prokofiev, Scriabin, Horowitz, Leschetitzky

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£7.99 (plus p+p)

Taken from original piano rolls made almost a hundred years ago, these recordings were made to the highest standard in 1992. Hear some of the great Russian pianists of all time in this fine collection of delightful Russian pieces composed for piano. Includes Prokofiev and Scriabin playing their own compositions.


Track List:

  1. Leschetitzky: Two Skylarks Op. 2 No.1 02:34 (Leschetitzky)
  2. Sapellnikov: Dance of the Elves Op. 3 (Gabrilowitsch)
  3. Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite Op. 71a - Dance of the Flutes (Grainger)
  4. Prokofiev: Prelude in C Op. 12 No.7 ( Prokofiev)
  5. Rachmaninov: Prelude in Am Op. 32 No.8 (Horowitz)
  6. Rachmaninov: Prelude in Bm Op. 32 No.10 (Horowitz)
  7. Rachmaninov: Prelude in Gm Op. 23 No.5 (Horowitz)
  8. Prokofiev: Rigadon Op. 12 No. 3 (Prokofiev)
  9. Prokofiev: Scherzo Op. 12 No.10 (Prokofiev)
  10. Prokofiev: March from The Love For Three Oranges (Prokofiev)
  11. Prokofiev: Intermezzo from The Love For Three Oranges (Prokofiev)
  12. Glazunov: Gavotte Op. 49 No.3 (Prokofiev)
  13. Prokofiev: Tales of the Old Grandmother Op. 31 (Prokofiev)
  14. Scriabin: Prelude in C Op. 11 No.1 (Scriabin)
  15. Scriabin: Prelude in Am Op. 11 No.2 (Scriabin)
  16. Scriabin: Prelude in Gbm Op. 11 No.13 (Scriabin)
  17. Liapounov: Elegy on the Death of Liszt Op. 11 (Liapounov)
  18. Rachmaninov: Polka De W.R. (Cherakassky)
  19. Tchaikovsky: Song Without Words No.2 No.1 (Cherakassky)
  20. Moskowski: Polonaise in D Op. 17 (Godowsky)
  21. Moskowski: Malaguena Op. 49 No.1 (Boabdil) (Ganz)
  22. Leschetitzky: Mazurka Op. 24 (Leschetitzky)
  23. Moskowski: Serenade Op. 15 (Friedman)