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Masters of the Piano Roll:
Debussy Plays Debussy

Cat # DSPRCD001
Price: £7.99 (plus p+p)

Artists include: Claude Debussy, Yolanda Mero, Rudolph Ganz, Leff Pouishnov, Carol Robinson, Walter Gieseking, Suzanne Godenne and Richard Buhlig.



Track List
  1. Debussy: Delphic Dances (Debussy)
  2. Debussy: Submerged Cathedral (Debussy)Listen to Submgerged Cathedral
  3. Debussy: Dance of Puck (Debussy)
  4. Debussy: Childrens Corner (Debussy)
  5. Debussy: From a Sketchbook (Debussy)
  6. Debussy: A Slow Waltz (Debussy)
  7. Debussy: Evening in Granada (Debussy)
  8. Debussy: Gardens in the Rain (Mero)
  9. Debussy: The Girl with the Flaxen Hair (Ganz)
  10. Debussy: At the Gate of the Vine Debussy (Ganz)
  11. Debussy: Arabesque No.1 in E (Poushnov)
  12. Debussy: Arabesque No.2 in Gm (Robinson)
  13. Debussy: Sails - Preludes Bk 1 No.2 (Giesking)
  14. Debussy: Claire de Lune (Godenne)
  15. Debussy: Reverie (Bufaletti)
  16. Debussy: Goldfish - Images set 2 No.1 (Buhig)
  17. Debussy: Reflections dans L'eau (Buhig)